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about us

In 1999, mywebmarket.com founder Wil Martindale had an idea stemming from the success of a growing online auction service called eBay.

We launched as a local online web marketing service, hosting an advanced classifieds program. As it turned out, the software had capabilities which inherently optimized the searchability of our interactive "WebAds".

Looking back from today, we realize that we were one of the early pioneers of search optimized "landing pages", developing the concept for businesses long before the term caught on. The results were staggering.

We were also one of the first to offer businesses the capability to create their own landing pages, using a secure interface - hence the name "mywebmarket". Your business account was an online marketplace where you could post inventories of products or services. And we helped the optimization process along for a fee.

Though it was terrifying in the 90's to "publish to the web", we knew that people would eventually get much more comfortable using the internet, and we helped that process along. The incredible rise of social media today affirms that notion.

As this has always been a small business of 1 or 2 key employees. people may wonder, "who are the 'we' in mywebmarket.com?" Those would be our various partners, providers, coders and collaborators, without whom this business could not have continued on for 16 years.

With our legacy of search engine optimization inherent in all we do, we have combined a humanistic approach to SEO with an analytic approach to SEM to achieve an unprecedented ROI on projects using our SEO/SEM strategy.