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about us

In 1999, mywebmarket.com founder Wil Martindale had an idea stemming from the success of a growing online auction service called eBay.

The business started out as a local online web marketing service, hosting an advanced classifieds program. As it turned out, the software had capabilities which inherantly optimized the searchability of our interactive "WebAds".

Back then, if a web developer understood the process of search engine indexing, and used a software program that produced search friendly "entry pages" he could develop web sites that would dominate the major search engines for their chosen key terms. And we did just that.

For several years we were the only regional web developer who consistently positioned websites in the top .001% of customer-chosen search terms on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Search, etc... we were also the only firm to publish our customers' site rankings year after year.

Over the years, new ventures were explored and new experience gained, but now the core web development business is again our singular focus. Though our legacy of search engine optimization is inherant in all we do, we have engaged in more complex projects from content management systems to database applications and even advanced mapping solutions.