PSA: Morces DOA

morceThis is a quick blog post to alert MORCES customers, users and (former?) developers that the MORCES site is down hard, and we suspect down for the count.

I noticed that our own home page was loading very slow for about a week on all browsers and at several different connections. After doing a quick review of all home page scripts we found it was the Morces javascript with no redirect destination that was the culprit.

Because they had a good product that was usable for free (and probably little revenue coming in from upgrades) their business model more than likely collapsed. In any event it’s not worth the downside risk, so we’ve removed the Morses code from the sites we were using it for, and will offer a responsive redesign at a discount instead.

We did notice that Morces Facebook page was still active (sort of) but the last post was on December 2012, a fairly prescient sign that some lights may be on, but nobody’s home. (RIP).