Mobility Unleashed

nationwideWhen you consider the Q1 2013 statistics on mobile traffic in SEO / SEM environments, 21% combined tablet and smartphone traffic to desktop is nearly double the 12% we considered “good”  a year and a half ago. But not nearly as impressive as it could be.

For a current customer’s Q2 2013 results to have reached 151% is startling, even though we did make the effort to optimize their mobile CTR. We felt it was a given that a transmission repair shop be mobile optimized due to the strong possibility of a “need to go mobile” in the event of an on-the-road breakdown.

We also wanted the landing page to affirm to users that their smart phones were indeed an effective utility tool, to solve an immediate problem, so it’s no accident that the landing page has a “Swiss Army Knife” look and feel. We wanted users of the Google mobile search app to be served this page in one click of a spoken key phrase, then click to call.

Click the image to see if you might do that in an on-the-road-breakdown scenario.

I mentioned this in a relevant blog earlier in Q2, citing various CTR’s and mobile expectations of again 12-22% max (we hadn’t nearly reached this level of mobile penetration yet, but could see it trending).

We have these metrics available for review, however over a longer time-span we are seeing about 60% mobile to 40% desktop for this account. Based on the type of vertical market, mobile is gaining mindshare quickly, beyond all expectations and predictions to date.