Tallahassee Search Engine Marketing Success

Anatomy of a Successful Tallahassee Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Let’s look at some metrics from one of our top Tallahassee Search Engine Marketing (SEM) clients. Their success illustrates what one can expect in a well designed search marketing campaign.

First we’ll review their share of mobile vs. desktop search.

Tallahassee Search Engine Marketing
Mobile Search Exceeds Desktop Search

As with most campaigns today, mobile search exceeds desktop search. In some cases we see 60/40 mobile or higher, depending on certain factors. So it’s important to have responsive landing pages and call extensions. Call extensions are especially important if your lead generation strategy calls for it.

In the case above, our advertiser favors phone calls over web mail or email contact. Again this varies by business type and advertiser preference. Call extensions allow for mobile click-to-call, which is easily tracked by click type segmentation.

Mobile Search
Mobile Clicks to Call Can Have High Conversion Rates

This client receives about 12 mobile click-to-calls every month in addition to about 10-15 other non-mobile contact types (including non-mobile calls). These metrics translate to about one contact per business day, at a cost of about $300 per month.

If we break this down to a conversion average we get some pretty exciting results. At 24 qualified contact leads (conversions) divided by $300 our leads cost $12.50 each. Our Advertiser has a popular service and is competitive, so they close about 22% of these leads (they also know how to engage and sell).

Their profit margin is about $250 per sale on average. With 5 leads closed per month this equates to $1250 profit per month for a $300 investment. This gives us a 410% return on investment for search engine marketing. Again this is an actual local Tallahassee search engine marketing customer – one of our top three.

Factors That Increase Your SEM Success

Obviously there are a HUGE number of factors involved in building a successful campaign that gets the highest quality scores, best click-through rates, lowest cost per click and highest conversion rates. So what do our top three performing campaigns all have in common?

  1. We handle their web page development
  2. We handle their organic SEO (search engine optimization)
  3.  We handle their paid SEM (search engine marketing)

When one competent provider handles all three items above, your chances of a high ROI are much more likely. This is because each of these items is connected to one another. And optimum relevance is the binding connection.

We see plenty of poorly performing campaigns where the measure of success is number of clicks only. Low performing campaigns can easily generate lots of irrelevant and expensive clicks that never convert into a sale.  Most of the spam you receive with unsubstantiated claims and promises about SEO and SEM depend on cheap clicks that never convert.

We prefer not to bore visitors with industry jargon regarding our specific methodology and execution. But we do want to point out the increasing importance of mobile search. And we wanted to show you some actual success results. Here are some more. After all, this is what clients pay us for – world class results.

We understand that business owners don’t really have the time to focus on how exactly we do what we do – they are too busy handling the leads we generate for them. And we believe that’s the way it should be.

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