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Tallahassee SEO Local
You may have a Google Listing, but is it properly configured and verified?

When people search for “Tallahassee SEO” on Google, the top results don’t necessarily reflect Tallahassee based providers.  We like that most of our clients are Tallahassee businesses who would like to sit down with us in an onsite consultation.

This is where we get to meet business owners and talk to them about their unique value propositions.  and the important “3 Questions“.   As a local Tallahassee business, practicing organic search marketing since the mid 90’s, we know the Tallahassee marketplace.

We Don’t Follow – We Lead

Not to be brazen, but those who “follow” the self proclaimed SEO experts will never rise above that crowd. There’s great info to consider, but our own testing and results are our final guide. We use our tools and expertise to develop a fully integrated web presence – one which combines a search friendly design structure with targeted content, on a responsive server.  Combine these attributes with properly configured social integration, and exceptional results are inevitable.

Search engine algorithms are evolving and adapting. Search engine companies want to give searchers a relevant search experience. So do we. So we take advantage of categorization, content keywords, readability, image tags and just the right amount of repetition.  When we manage and integrate those critical details (and many others) you get optimal results. That means the right searchers that convert from prospects to customers.

It’s not that hard to optimize when you know what you’re doing. We don’t make excuses about Google’s “changing algorithms”. Sure, they change – often – but those changes don’t affect good SEO, they usually reinforce it.

Contact us to find out more about the possibilities of web based marketing you can rely on.