Web Applications

In days of old, a website was a website. In other words, an online brochure with a contact form. That contact form was probably the most technical web application deployed, since it easily enabled a website visitor to contact the website owner.

Database Plug-ins enable Web ApplicationsToday, I’m not sure “website” is an accurate or descriptive term for what web developers like mywebmarket.com now produce. Let’s look at how we use the web to create value for businesses beyond the traditional scope of a website.

One of the most useful adaptations for businesses on the web is the prolific use of e-commerce within a business website. Ecommerce has become simplified and less costly in recent years, allowing smaller businesses to adopt it as an alternative revenue stream.

e-learning systems have become more widely adopted for businesses, both as training systems for employees, and as outward facing offerings to visitors. These too have become simpler and more affordable in recent years.

Online Forms
Online employment or screening applications, sub-contractor applications, mortgage applications, etc… have all become easier to create and manage with the increased use of online form builders. Online forms reduce or eliminate the cost of paper-based processes and can eliminate or reduce costs associated with ink and paper, fax-machine use and lines., etc.

Online Work Orders
Like Online Forms, online work orders can eliminate tedious paper processes and save time. Plus, mobile workforces can receive form data in real time, creating other efficiencies and savings.

Social Integration
With the rise of social networking comes the increased use of social integration between a website and its social profiles. This allows for more customer interaction, as well as a public facing customer service portal.

These are just a few of the more interesting developments that continue to evolve across the web. It takes some time and effort to understand how to maximise these developments so that businesses can benefit fully from the latest enhancements.

As each business is different, so is the approach and usage of the latest applications, but in most cases, proper implementation creates efficiencies and savings, as well as increased user satisfaction.

Give us a call at 850-766-2711 or email us to discuss potential web applications specific to your business. There are ready made database “plug-ins” for most business case applications today, with new ones being developed evey day.