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web design

The best way we can showcase our designs is to show you a few, explaining a little bit about the process. As we do this, you'll begin to see that the customer's objectives dictate the design approach we take. You can also read more about that approach in our web design process.

Design Showcase

Truck Outfitters and AccessoriesTruck Outfitters and Accessories has been operating for several years here in Tallahassee. They had made several efforts to launch a website, but the owner was not satisfied with early efforts.

After our first meeting we sized up the objective and began building a site that highlights their partner's national brands.

Using on-location images mixed with authorized dealer assets, we added a number of slideshows and videos that market the company's products and services, and represent them well.

This customer was very pleased with our quick progress - deadlines were met just in time for a regional utility company fleet bid.

The Lakes HOAThe Lakes new HOA website is an adaptive WordPress site replacing a much older former site. We were contacted by the HOA manager to build a site at the old domain, but the domain admin was uncooperative. These things happen, and despite efforts to transfer the domain, we finally built the site at a new (very similar but shorter) domain and have been doing upates as required.

We can add e-commerce for online dues, a resident posting area and similar database driven applications when needed or desired.

The key to this site's success is that it is built on a modular platform that's mobile friendly and supports future applications.

Gabriel's Tents & MoreGabriel's Tent Rentals is a start-up tent rental business here in Tallahassee. Within a couple weeks we had this site on page one of Google for the client's top keywords. We needed to do a little image compression and other tweaks to get the site optimized and scoring above 90%. This site employs a Wordpress theme by the same developer who authored NFCI's recent redesign.

We can launch this type of Wordpress site for under $900, and can include the SEO starter package (which most companies charge $500 for alone) as well as the first year's hosting.

The key to this site's economy, efficiency and SEO success lies in our familiarity with the author's prior work, and the utility of a well designed control panel. As we continue to build relationships with developers from all over the world, this type of success is slated to continue

The North Florida Cosmetology InstituteThe North Florida Cosmetolgy Institute website has evolved over the past 12 years and exists today as it's 3rd redesign. NFCI also utilized our first (PHP NUKE) online testing system for continuing education and licensing renewal (cerenew.com). We completed their newest core site launch on November 1, 2015.

The new wordpress design offers searchable courses and social integration, along with some nice design features that allowed us to make use of actual on-site photo shots (instead of stock). NFCI can now begin to post news and event links from the site to distribute through social media.

This website provides an excellent example of the type of website which can be created, hosted and launched for under $1500 (including first year's hosting and SEO). We will be beginning PPC campaigns before year end 2015, using custom landing pages created from the new platform.

Carnation DentalCarnation Dental is a dental benefit concept site for the Ohio Dental Association. We worked with their local marketing agency to build out the new site for their name change and re-branding campaign. The relaunch was coordinated with a direct mail campaign, as well as an SEM campaign, localized to the Ohio target market. Like Pelican Dental Concepts (The Florida Dental Association's equivalent site) the Carnation site is a direct reimbursement dental benefit concept site for small businesses and their employees.

The premise of the concept is to save benefit expenses for businesses over traditional insurance costs, and provide employees of the plans greater freedom of choice. And to get dentists paid faster, while marketing the plans of 3rd party administrators. Patients win, Employees win, Businesses win, Dentists win, Plan Administrators win and the Association wins. We'd call that a "win-win" proposition.

These types of plans have grown significantly over the years for small to medium sized businesses, and we're glad to have been a part of that growth both in Florida and Ohio.

We design sites to load fast, validate with no errors and pass all Google Webmaster checkpoints with flying colors.

But most of all, we design relevant sites that get positive search results for our customers.