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We provide web design and hosting, as do most web development companies--however we go a bit further at mywebmarket.com.

Copy Editing: Though it is often taken for granted that your business message will be clear and effective in achieving the desired result, correct grammar, spelling, style and impact are seldom done well at the small to medium business level. Our attention to detail is very strong in this area.

Social Media: Social media is changing, and our approach is changing with it. We can establish your social presence, manage it, and market through it - or we can do some of these things, and help you to do others. Social media powers content marketing and distribution, customer relations, and organic search optimization - 3 important factors for any business.

Search Engine Optimization: We employ the successful search optimization meta coding and content keywords to achieve better than average results as a de facto standard in all web sites. We also employ content marketing and social media as an SEO strategy.

Search Engine Marketing: We provide targeted search engine marketing through the Google Search Network. We constantly test the latest developments in this area and are Google Adwords certified.

Google Analytics and Search Console: Related to optimization, we use site verification, XML sitemaps, analytics, structured data (rich snippets) and related tools to improve site performance and health. Most importantly, the console reveals search demand - critical to organic and paid search marketing.

Database Applications: We provide customized database applications which allow site visitors to search your inventory of merchandise, roster of employees or your locations - most anything like that. If you have a spreadsheet application that you want to convert to online searchable web pages, we can do this for you.

Communities or Intranets: We can install and integrate communities into customer sites. Some applications can be used as content management systems. They can also be used to securely store internal documents for broad based access.

Customized mapping applications: We know the Google Maps API and can plot offices or tower sites or billboard locations into a searchable mapping application. We can handle any application where there are multiple plot points of physical geographic locations, worldwide.

Blogs: Blogs have risen in SEO prominence, whereby site owners can create marketable content online. We can quickly set your blog up, and you can easily create posts from there. We can also guide you on how to optimize those posts so that your best content generates new sources of revenue.

E-commerce Applications: We can set up your ecommerce application fairly easily due to the advancements of Wordpress. There are several ways to run a secure online store using a 3rd party processor, or your own bank. We can show you the advantages and disadvantages of either.

Email Campaigns: We have substantial experience with HTML email, and can assist customers with newsletters or outbound email marketing services. As a design firm, we create email templates that mirror the look and feel of your site design / business identity to help promote your brand.