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our web design process

Our web design process involves an in-depth business consultation. Whether by phone, email or in person, we gather information about your business, your goals, your brand assets, design preferences and your value proposition - whether for a brand new website, an additional site, a redesign or a re-branding.

We typically use the Envato Community to resource WordPress or HTML templates that can give prospective clients a feel for the "latest and greatest" design concepts and technologies. Envato designers are some of the best in the world, from all over the world, and they are chosen by Envato for their web design expertise and responsiveness.

For more information about our modular design strategy, see our detailed blog post on the topic. You can also see a few examples of past sites we've produced.

We'd love to hire a Tallahassee web designer who is part of the Envato Community, but to date we know of none. That said, we do have some favorite designers from past projects that we like to work with.

We sort design templates by several factors: reviews, number of sales, and responsiveness in the comments section. We do this because occasionally there will be a designer who we can tell is not 100% committed. We want solid partnerships in every step of the process and prefer to avoid coding, security and support issues at the outset.

Whether we help you choose a template, or you choose one of your own, please keep these factors in mind. With a well designed and supported modular theme as a solid foundation, we can then begin the work of customization, layout preferences and general "look and feel" to your specs.

Most importantly, we can then set about the task of developing relevant content that describes your value proposition - so that your ideal customer will find you in a search.

Our web design process considers modularity, compatibility and search engine content marketing - three very important factors for the success of your web presence.